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10  Best HARD ROCK &  METAL Albums of 2018 (So Far)


Fates Warning

Fates Warning Current Band Members: Bobby Jarzombek – Drums, Joey Vera – Bass and Vocals, Ray Alder – Vocals, Jim Matheos – Guitars, Mike Abdow – Guitars and Vocals.


Dukes Of The Orient

Ten years in the making, Dukes of the Orient is the album that many Payne-era Asia fans like myself had long since given up believing would ever be released. Having dropped the ‘Asia Featuring John Payne’ moniker, this is the album that was going to be released as: Asia – Americana.



Black Label Society

It was the sad passing of prog legend John Wetton last year that finally convinced Payne that he should drop the name he once held the rights to. Whether or not there have been complications with the Asia name that held this album up, isn’t clear. What we do know is that when John Payne released his Architects Of Time EP in 2009, he promised that release would be a foretaste of the new album which would appear in 2010. Finally, that album is here – in 2018.


Black Label Society deliver their 10th studio album lined with tectonic riffs and some of their strongest songwriting to date.

4                 Although compared to previous releases such as “Hundus” or “Nymphs & Weavers”, as well as relative to the band’s standards, “Death” sort of sounds by the numbers (i.e. like nothing new) yet still manages to display enough variety and innovation to keep the listener engagingly drawn-in and mesmerized,

Judas Priest are a metal institution and probably one of the oldest and most famous bands synonymous with the creation of Heavy Metal, along with Black Sabbath. They don’t call them the “metal gods” for nothing, after all.

“Firepower” is their eighteenth full studio album and is quite impressive that the band is still going on and able to even put out something as impressive as a number of its members are nearing their seventh decade on the planet, since it can sound pretty intense in places.



7                 MethysOs (Greek word for drunkard) is a band from Cyprus, formed in 2011. They released a demo in 2012 and their debut full-length in 2016. “Jukai” is their sophomore and most efficient release in every part.


Now, how does one follow up the major triumph that was 2015’s Ones & Zeros Vol. 1? The success of 3RDegree’s fifth outing came as a big surprise, even to the creators themselves, who, subsequently, decided to tour Europe in promotion of the first instalment that finally sees the release of its follow-up – or, to be more accurate, prequel in Ones & Zeros: Vol. 0.

9        McFly bassist Dougie Poynter has formed new alternative rock band INK and the trio have unveiled their first EP 'Heaven'


Judas Priest

Place it on its highly accessible bent or catchy, fulminating cadence but Blackwülf’s “Sinister Sides” is the kind of rampant and upbeat, swaggering doom I could listen to for hours on end. As inferred, except for a token moment of self-indulgence on behalf of its otherwise appealing conductor, the “Loup Noir” is certainly worth checking out. 


Jizzy Pearl’s new album encapsulates the classic vintage vibe of 80s/90s Glam Metal and Hard Rock. The album art gives you a clue to the vibrant, energetic and electric vibes and psychedelic harmonies that it contains.

Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate

Burning Saviours